Night guys. I feel bored so i dont know what i want to do. Act i want write my feel to someone make me always feel better feel happy feel life much meaning. Its that you baby, mom. Mom is everything mom whole my life mom lover super love kind pretty heart wonderful beautiful and my queen heart. Love you mom. And my baby boy, haha like "gedik" when calling he like that. Sorry tonight i feel so bored. I meet him was unexpected. To me, is wonderful meet. Knowing. I just want alwaya repeat how we meet. I really damn miss. Sometime when i hear song than remember first our meet, i feel shame. Oh my this is very crazy things. Hahaha laughter & alone close my face with bear. This so funny to much funny. However i love it. Love much! Gosh what going on to me? Argh why tonight make me so.. em emotional bored control myself. Sorry if this story make you feel " urgh! What she wanna talk?" Okay stop. Being normal. He wonderful thing what i have now. Not more just feel complete. Tq sayang. Tq for everything. Me love you♥ alright now done share what i through it. May be for you is like "childish" ha ha so funny lah you cakap gitu? Shut up. Being good person babe. End